“Become Part of a Social Network Built Around Television and Entertainment Viewing – just Download the Kovue App”

Washington, DC January 10, 2017:  For decades television viewing has not changed.  Essentially a one-on-one experience where the user is asked individually to search and find programs that he/she likes.  Unless friends come by, this is a solo experience. Up until now, the television viewing experience has been restricted to those in the same room. Kovue changes the paradigm.  Kovue’s mobile app for smartphones or tablets creates a new type of television experience built around a social network for video and entertainment viewing. Kovue users can see what their friends are watching in real time and join them.  Kovue also enables the use of television content as a way to expand the user’s social network and reconnect (informally) with distant friends and family over a combined viewing session.        

Kovue’s new type of social viewing network creates an ecosystem linking friends viewing on their various devices in different locations. Kovue emphasizes social interaction to help subscribers to find content, jointly view programs, and see friends’ recommendations.  This is a truly social viewing experience. 

Some new features which have just been added to the Kovue product include previewing of friends and favorites programs and interactive gaming options for friends tied into sports and other special content.  The preview feature allows users to quickly check other programs – see live what friends are watching – before deciding what to watch.  In the case of sports like football, baseball and basketball, Kovue automatically scans all the other current games so that you can get an up-date as to what’s happening elsewhere in the league.  

To enhance and leverage the friend’s interaction on Kovue, we have also added a number of interactive elements that allow you and your friends to talk and text and send recommendations to friends.  

The emphasis on using television content to drive both online and off-line social interaction among users is what sets Kovue apart as a unique mobile application for television and keeps users coming back to use our app.

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