Share the show. Share the laughs.
Share the love. But not the popcorn.

KoVue links to your existing TV services and brings friends and families together to see and join what others are watching. Create watch parties, and schedule viewing, all while communicating freely with each other through the KoVue app, from the comfort of your home, no matter the distance.

See What Your Friends are Watching

Never know what is currently on TV or what to watch? KoVue keeps you connected to your friends and favorite shows, and lets you see what your friends are watching in real-time.

Show Recommendations By Friends

Why rely on algorithms to make show recommendations when the best ones come from friends and family. Share both new and classic video content with your friends and discover new shows and movies to watch everyday.

Setup Viewing Parties and Watch Together

Join your friends in what they’re watching. We all know the value of a night in with the people you love. Watch a great movie or tv show together, cheer on your favorite team or just watch the news.

Communicate with in-app audio and messaging

Laugh, gasp, and talk together through your favorite shows with your favorite people no matter where they are. In-app messaging and audio allows you to talk to each other as if your friends were there with you and keeps the conversation flowing even after the show is finished.


Strengthen friendships.

I always ask my friend what she’s watching when I don't know what to watch because she watches a diverse range of shows. Now we can watch together as well.

When I was back home I watched every Spurs game with my dad, now it would be nice to have that connection again with people at home and friends back home that are at different schools.

It’s the Facebook of TV.

I went to boarding school, I have friends from all over the world. With KoVue I get to keep up to date with friends while watching a show that we watched together at school, including sports for that matter. Keep those friendships and bonds together.

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