In real-time

The Kovue platform is built around key social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for a seamless invite process. Your Kovue network is a selected subset of a user’s total Facebook friends, consisting only of those they wish to watch with. After becoming Kovue friends, users are able to see what the friends are watching in real-time, and decide whether or not they want to watch something together.


With friends and family

Television has always been a medium through which opinions, reactions, and conversations are stimulated. Kovue’s focus on real-time voice communication gives friends the opportunity to talk as much or as little as they want, whether it be about the show playing or to simply catch up! Kovue presents the next-best option to in-person conversations, adding a social and personal touch that is both easy and casual to access. It’s another way for friends to bond and share experiences or to simply use the system as an excuse to say hi and catch up.


Favorite shows and live sports

Today’s social networks are often cluttered and overpopulated with both information and people that are increasingly less relevant to the individual user. Kovue provides a personalized platform to share relevant television and online video related information with only the people users care to share with. When facing the vast amount of entertainment content available today, sharing directly with friends creates memorable social links and is the most effective way to discover and try new content.


I went to boarding school, I know friends from all over the world. Getting to keep up to date with friends while watching a show that we watched together at school, or love sports for that matter, keep those friendships and bonds together.
Lake Forest, Illinois
When I was back home I watched every Spurs game with my dad, now it would be nice to have that connection again with people at home and friends back home that are at different schools.
San Antonio, Texas
It’s the Facebook of TV. You can sit in your room watch it by yourself, but at the same time virtually watching with someone else and have arguments or talk about the show.
New York, New York

Real Recommendations

What really motivates you to try a new show? With Kovue, send and receive specific show episode recommendations from your friends and let Kovue schedule a time to watch together. No more overly complicated algorithms that “suggest” shows it thinks you’ll like to watch. Make TV a friend-centric experience by interacting with friends to discover new shows and movies.

Preview Your Channels

The preview function is the solution to the all too common problem of figuring out what is on. Preview allows you to see a 15-20 second glimpse into the show currently airing on your selected favorite channels by automatically cycling through them.

Follow Friends Real Time

Kovue’s real time focus makes TV truly social. See what your friends are watching live and let Kovue sync your viewing with just one click. Imagine entering a virtual living room with your friends from all over the country and enjoying the show as if you were all together.

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Use Voice-link

The excitement of watching sports matches and shows is amplified by viewer’s spontaneous reactions to what is on the screen. The voice chat feature captures those moments by providing a way to communicate with your viewing friends in real-time. No more calling during a commercial break or sending a text after the show, get their opinions and reactions as it happens.

Simplify Viewing

Kovue’s technology makes TV watching easier. No more remembering channels or scrolling through the guide. Let Kovue automatically change the channel to the scheduled program or sporting event when it’s time to watch.

Keep In Touch Offline

Kovue users can not only watch together but also engage in sports matches even further by predicting the winner of the game and the margin of victory. All of that information is recorded so viewers now have a personal interest in the game and an opportunity to continue the interaction off-line.


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